The critical factors in your company’s drug testing program

Is your company aware of the common risks in employee drug screening?

Drug testing manager working late Changing regulations in the drug testing space can really keep a manager up at night. If a drug test is not conducted properly, an unexpected incident could lead to lost productivity, lower employee morale, unwarranted dismissals or even litigation.

Take a look at the strength of your existing operational procedures. Is the value of your drug testing program clearly understood by all employees, from the entry level staff to the senior leadership team? If an incident occurs, will the chain of custody stand up in the face of an employee’s legal challenge?

There are ways to safeguard against these issues through the proper administration of the screening program and the chain of custody process. Implementing your drug testing program with an administering partner who understands your business and is committed to delivering proven solutions will help to ensure the success of your drug testing program.

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