Weeding out the Facts: Marijuana Legislation & the Workplace Webinar

Industry experts help to separate marijuana fact from fiction in the legal and scientific landscapes.

Voters passed new measures this election season to allow recreational and medicinal marijuana use in their states, bringing the total count to 29 states where cannabis is “legal” in some form. In addition, the Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index™ reported that spikes in overall positivity of the combined U.S. workforce have been fueled by more people testing positive for marijuana.

Companies committed to drug-free workplaces face challenges with contradictory laws and struggle to understand the actions they are able to take. The confusion also spills into drug testing as employers ask if they can still screen for marijuana.

Join our industry experts for a webinar that will help to separate marijuana fact from fiction in both the legal and scientific landscapes. Key topics include:

  • Legal case studies involving marijuana
  • Nuances of laws state-by-state
  • Drug-free workplace and substance abuse policies
  • Trends for marijuana positivity in the American workforce
  • Effective solutions to drug test for marijuana
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