Lab-based vs. instant oral fluid drug testing

Compare oral fluid drug testing options and identify the advantages of each testing technology

Lab-based Screnning vs. Instant Oral Drug TestingDrug testing has proven to be a powerful weapon in the war on drugs. It is effective in recognizing people who need help and deterring others from using drugs in the first place. There are a number of ways to perform a drug test, but oral fluid has emerged as a popular alternative to lab-based urine testing. When researching which drug testing method to choose, it’s important to address three critical questions:

  • Does it accurately detect the drugs in question?
  • Is it legally permitted in the locations requiring testing?
  • Will it meet the unique business needs and circumstances of the testing program?

This white paper explores the differences between lab-based and instant oral fluid testing. We answer these critical questions as well as offer suggestions on how to implement an effective workplace drug testing program using these methods.

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