Flip the switch: why you should turn on digital drug testing webinar

Experts discuss the benefits of switching to eCCF over the traditional multi-part drug testing paper forms

The Custody and Control Form (CCF) records the external specimen chain of custody—i.e., the handling of the drug test specimen from the time of collection until it is received at the laboratory. Utilizing paper however, comes with drawbacks, from human errors in filling out forms, to added cost, unnecessary storage, and even potential slowdowns in the drug testing process. In this webinar, our team of experts provide insight into why making the switch to eCCF makes sense.

Topics include:

  • The benefits of electronic Custody and Control Forms
  • By the numbers: the data behind paper forms vs. electronic
  • How to get started with eCCF
  • Gain line of sight throughout the entire drug testing process

Quest Diagnostics experts Denise Mullins, senior technical product development manager, Ryan Osborn, technical product development manager, and Anthony Magazzolo, technical product development manager, discuss the value of adopting digital solutions for drug testing.

Watch webinar

Watch webinar

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