Weeding out the Facts: Marijuana Legislation & the Workplace Webinar

Industry experts help to separate marijuana fact from fiction in the legal and scientific landscapes.

Companies committed to drug-free workplaces face challenges with contradictory state marijuana laws and struggle to understand the actions they are able to take. The confusion also spills into workplace drug testing as employers ask if they can still screen for marijuana.

Navigating Global Drug Testing Webinar

Quest Diagnostics expert help guide you through the most common questions associated with administering a drug-free workplace program abroad.

Quest Diagnostics experts will help guide you through the world of global drug testing and help you navigate common challenges. Their insights can help you learn more about the importance of consistency, integrity, and program advocacy in order to build a robust drug testing program outside of the United States.

Gain the eCCF Advantage Webinar

Quest Diagnostics experts discuss the impacts of eCCF on the drug testing process

Get the inside scoop on what you need to know to easily integrate electronic custody and control forms (eCCF) into your drug testing program. Quest Diagnostics drug testing experts, Charlie Sullivan, Director of Collection Services, and Barb Rowland, Director of Laboratory Operations, share valuable information to aide in your transition away from 5-part paper forms.

Drug Testing Toolbox Webinar

Compliance specialist shares on-the-job experience to help you design an effective, drug-free workplace program.

Lisa Ruehle, Compliance Specialist, shares on-the-job experience and practical tips to help you design an effective drug-free workplace program.

Drug Test Collections Webinar

Evaluating your Options

In this webinar, our collections expert shares insights to help you better evaluate your drug test collection services options.

Webinar on synthetic drugs

Synthetic drugs: What you need to know

Learn about usage trends, challenges and more in the ever-changing synthetic drug marketplace.

Webinar on instant drug testing

Instant drug testing: What’s new? What’s legal? What’s right for your company?

Learn the pros and cons of instant vs. lab-based drug testing from our experts as you design an effective workplace screening program. 

Webinar: avoid 12 common (and costly) mistakes

Maximize the effectiveness of your substance abuse prevention program

Practical tips from industry expert in workplace drug testing on the pitfalls of setting up a substance abuse prevention program, as well as how to maximize the overall effectiveness of your program.

Webinar on drug testing trends

Tracking the trends: insights from the Drug Testing IndexTM

Discussions on the latest drug test positivity data by workforce type, testing reason, drug category and specimen type with Dr. Barry Sample, Director of Science and Technology, Quest Diagnostics.

Marijuana: A look at the science & state legislation

Get a better understanding of the legal and regulatory environment in this informative webinar

Register for a free webinar presentation featuring expert speakers addressing the effects of marijuana use, common terms, state laws, and insights from recent Drug Testing Index™ data about marijuana positivity in the workplace.

Preparing for drug testing compliance

Webinar on drug testing compliance

Ace the audit: How to prepare for regulated drug testing compliance

Practical tips from Compliance Expert Lisa Ruehle to ensure you're prepared for an audit of your federally regulated drug and alcohol testing program.

Instant drug testing

Webinar on instant drug testing

Worth the wait? Instant vs. lab-based drug testing

An instant drug testing program provides fast, dependable results when you don’t have time to wait. Explore the pros and cons of instant vs. lab-based drug testing. 

Oral-Eze® Oral Fluid Collection System

Webinar on oral fluid drug testing

Drug users need not apply: 10 ways that oral fluid drug testing benefits employers

Samples that are simple to collect. Remote collection at any location. Superior detection of recent drug use. Learn the 10 benefits of oral fluid testing that make it simple and cost-effective for employers.

Hair sample for drug testing

Webinar on hair drug testing

Hair testing 101: Combing through the science

Quest Diagnostics lab experts present the science of this increasingly popular test while dispelling some of the myths around drug screening with hair.